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How to create a new material to play with light?

Polyphemus is a cyclops, a son of Neptune, who imprisoned Ulysses and his companions in a cave until Ulysses blinded his only eye and managed to escape.


As a Domestic Monster, it was the first product of the collection, created in Italy by Luis Angarita ( innovation director of CD&I Associates) during a seminar on the Design of new materials organized by the Domus Academy.

This lamp and its material were inspired by a visit to the sacred mantle in Turin, where Clino Castelli sought to sensitize designers to use new concepts utilizing materials to innovate products. In this way, Polifemo was born. The first prosumer object of the Domestic Monsters collection. The most awarded and a favourite of his designer.

foto ambiente polifemoilum.JPG

POLIFEMO is a new environmental lighting system made of a semi-rigid material (translucent or opaque) that changes colour (on or off), fireproof, non-toxic, and ornamental, which can be applied directly to a wall, roof, or surface.


POLIFEMO is purchased in supermarkets; it is displayed inside hermetically sealed plastic bags, inside which is a polymer in a frozen state in which the total of the parts that constitute it float (lights, cables, switches, and electrical income). When the packaging is opened, a catalyzed reaction begins. In a short time, the user can configure the product (Cubic, Organic Amorphous, Representative, etc.)—locating it in the environment and directing its points of light (EYES) towards the desired target.


The product does not base its success on its aesthetics or form but on the Design of new materials and a family of products that were part of a design trend called “PROSUMER OBJECTS,” developed specifically for high fidelity products (HI-FI) located in households.

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