Our Global Innovation Team provides comprehensive and unique solutions to our clients’ needs.

Each project we take on is particularly designed and crafted through the futuristic lens of our Toronto team, the Latin touch of our staff in Bogotá, and the outstanding experience and assistance of our team members

at our European and American offices.


Through consumer analysis, we identify trends, formulate visions, propose strategies and combine solutions to create spaces, brands, products, graphics, and services,

that will maximize our clients’ brand exposure, recognition, social benefit, and profitability.




Official recognitions 

of our work.


Some of our


Our Method



Facilitates the development of new ideas, with the aim of generating original and profitable solutions for your business, group or project.

We use "neuronal maps," "brainstorming," and "design thinking," to name just a few of our methods, and we carry out directed activities in which we represent and understand the complex processes behind collective thinking.

BrainMapp®contributes to effective decision-making, the generation of new projects, the management of innovation committees, work in focused workshops,and innovation processes that can be applied to projects, services, or operations



Do you want to WORK HERE?

Choose a job that you like, and you will not have to work a day of your life." - Confucius.



Our team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals that includes industrial and graphic designers, marketers, architects, administrators, urban planners, publicists, engineers, lawyers, a chef, and even a magician.

Our offices are located in Toronto and Bogota with representatives in Munich, Barcelona and Guatemala.

Each is directed by a skilled professional with decades of experience.

Our Toronto office,which manages our North American clients, is led by a designer with masters in strategic design and innovation.

An expert publicist with expertise in total design work heads up our Bogota Office. 
An architect, who specializes in interior design, supervises our projects from central American markets, and our leading team is complemented by top level engineers and designers from Europe (Germany and Spain).


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