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How did the collaboration between different entities lead to the development of a unique promotional product?

In the vivid tapestry of 2001, a collaboration was forged between CD&I Associates and British American Tobacco, giving birth to the Belmont Cigarette Case. It was a journey of design and fabrication, one marked by creativity, innovation and a vision for the future.

At the heart of this initiative was a quest to create a promotional masterpiece, an emblem of Belmont's brand evolution. The aim was to design a high-impact showcase, an icon strategically positioned in the bustling markets and poised for international allure.

As the calendar flipped to December, signaling the beginning of this venture, the team embarked on a design odyssey. Their vision was clear, to accentuate Belmont's new brand muscles, to redefine the image for 2002. The design was more than aesthetics; it was a story woven with strategic intent.

The target audience? Supermarkets, bars, shops and pivotal Points of Sale (POS) across Colombia. These were the touchpoints where the magic would unfold, where Belmont's story would be told.

The design concept emerged from a marriage of graphics and form, a dance of ovals, circles and gentle lines, all draped in soothing blues. It was about encapsulating the brand essence into a discreet yet captivating three-dimensional canvas that would communicate effortlessly at the POS.

Blending art and tech, this initiative wove Belmont's brand evolution into a captivating visual story

But the journey didn't end at design. It extended into the realm of production—a fusion of art and technology. Termoforming, cutting and precise mechanical unions were the alchemy that brought the case to life. Materials were chosen with care, translucent, transparent and opaque acrylics came together in a symphony. The case was not just an object; it was a play of light, a spectacle that would capture attention.

The final creation was not merely a cigarette case; it was a visual poem, an ode to the evolution of Belmont. In the end, many of these units stood as ambassadors, embodying Belmont's brand metamorphosis and captivating hearts at every point of contact, beckoning a promising future for the brand.

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