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How to raise

the perceived value

of our handcrafts?

The Colombian government bureau responsible for managing handcrafts sought to enhance its brand profile and sales by creating an immersive experience that would increase brand awareness and promote traditional handicrafts. CD&I Associates conducted market research to understand consumer behavior and preferences. Foreigners looking for meaningful gifts that reflected Colombia's culture and history comprised a significant portion of the customer base.

To emphasize people's values and stories over the products themselves, the concept of "branding our identity" was proposed. Placing artisans at the center of the strategy aimed to showcase their importance and create a deeper connection with customers. Inspired by traditional indigenous dwellings and Hispanic colonial architecture, a point of sale and an experience were developed to engage customers in a meaningful way.

Another essential concept that stood out in creating the space experience and the brand architecture was to always place and communicate the importance and value of our Indigenous artisans at the core of our communications and spaces, not just their products.

To ensure authenticity, all elements of the new ADC stores, such as shelves, countertops, tiles, and lighting, were crafted by local artisans using authentic materials and ancestral techniques. This approach highlighted the social function of the ADC brand and showcased the artisan's work. By telling their stories, legends, and myths, a meaningful connection was established between shoppers and artisans. Specially designed sounds were incorporated into the commercial spaces to further enhance the immersive experience.

The concept successfully guides the company's communication strategies, inviting tourists to engage with and understand Colombia's history. The focus lies not only on the products but also on the people behind them, emphasizing their significance and contribution to the cultural heritage.

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