CR House : What is the ideal house to raise our 7-year-old and his three little brothers of 5?

It is not art, it is a function, it must be beautiful, friendly and competitive. It raises true innovation in the project, well thought out spaces, rationalized, with a robust modernist influence in its spatiality.

Designed for a family of 6, headed by a business couple who love art and haute cuisine. They have 4 infant children. The premise was clear: design for open spaces, multifunctionality, and comfort in the environment.

Photo CD&I Associates.

In its composition, the house comprises a series of cubes, and the same configuration is replicated after a 90°rotation. The house’s volumes configure to  the topographic arrangement of the land, creating a harvested terrace to implement landscaping for the exterior of the building.

Photo CD&I Associates.

Inside the house, spacious and multifunctional spaces are configured. It is split between a service module and a social one on the first floor, while on the second level are the private areas for the family nucleus and its interests.

Photo CD&I Associates.
Photo CD&I Associates.

In humid-tropical climates, energy is largely consumed to make environments cooler and low humidity. As such we sought to use natural elements such as lighting, ventilation, and rainfall to create comfortable, yet self-sustainable, spaces.

Photo CD&I Associates.
Photo CD&I Associates.

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