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By CD&I Associates

In order to be prepared for new opportunities and future adversities, CD&I Associates has spent months researching and analysing future trends that will address the upcoming 2024 and named the project Chic & Shock, being:

Chic: Everything that is on the rise and has the potential to become a trend.

Shock: Shock trends that are close to dominating the following year, influencing politics, economics, social factors, among others.

This in order to anticipate new ways of seeing, thinking and doing, and inviting anyone interested in knowing how the factors that govern the year to come will change and adapt.

The development of trends was born from questions about how society, culture, politics, the economy, the world of fashion, sports, designs and technology will behave, in order to understand the globality of changes in 365 degrees. Each unknown was resolved through observation and analysis of expert and primary reports, in order to bring us closer to what will be with greater certainty.

Importance of knowing trends:

The ease of proposing, innovating and dominating positions in any field, be it social, political, design, among others, is understanding what people want as individuals and as a society. We understand this at CD&I, and because of this we took the job of finding those opportunities or adversities that are a target for the following year, so as not only to be prepared as an agency but also to prepare everyone who is willing.

In this section you will find the route to download the Chic & Shock trend study for 2024, where the fields will be


- Economical
- Politicians
- Social
- Cultural
- Sports
- Design and technology
- Fashion

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