Plastihogar inc: What new product can we sell to reach the Central American market?

At the time we took this mandate, on the local market there wasn’t an alternative to the traditional plastic bottles offered by water companies that would allow the transportation and storage of water for personal consumption

We wanted to avoid waste plastic and to give people a large bottle to drink and effectively carry their favorite hydration products.

Photo CD&I Associates.

We introduced a new line of water containers for personal use called Aqua Tank.

Photo CD&I Associates.

Our goal was to develop a 2500 ml container and a 1500 ml container, which, based on a new design, would promote the sale of PLASTIHOGAR products.

Photo CD&I Associates.

We designed a large capacity container in contemporary shapes that would resonate with a broad spectrum of young users due its small format and with adults who require constant hydration

Photo CD&I Associates.

The Plastihogar Bottles were the result of a Design Consultancy that looked for a  modern, expressive way to create a highly functional product according to the client's expectations.

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