This would not have been possible without the support of our fantastic team, volunteers and sponsors, scan here to know all of them

Production CD&I Associates 

Associate Producer Design Exchange 

Project Title #WeThink2019 

DX Director Nina Boccia 

DX Support Audrey Willsey, Husena Jadliwala 

Direction and Creative Concept Luis Angarita

Co-Direction Juan Camacho 

Finances Angelica Díaz 

Story boards Laura Godoy  

Proof reading and texts André Archer

Proof reading Assistance Léa Salameh 

Research Luis Angarita, Laura Godoy, Alejandro Arevalo                 

Communication and marketing Andrés Zapata, Juliana Silva, Laura Godoy, Sandra López, Alejandro Arevalo

Graphic Design Sandra López, Laura Godoy, Alejandro Arevalo, Luis Angarita 

Architecture Alejandro Arevalo 

Auras 3D Design Cesar Castellanos, Alejandro Arevalo 

Executive Support Valeria Logioio, Juan Camacho 

Design Layout Luis Angarita, Juan Camacho, Sandra López, Laura Godoy, Alejandro Arevalo

Cartoons & Animations Sandra López, Laura Godoy, Alejandro Arevalo, César Castellanos, Juliana Silva, Tomás Pava, Julieth Rodríguez, Mario Gaviria, Juliana Ramirez, Mónica Olarte 

Advertising Andrés Zapata

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