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How should the new offices and warehouses of a company committed to women’s beauty be arranged?

Through integral design (function, form, and aesthetics), we sought to solve the dynamics and workflow for the storage of beauty products for the distributor Ivette Variedades. The project consisted of two large spaces: a lookout, a storage area, and an additional office.


The storage area was simple in its conception, a linear space that guides each product and its dispatch process.

The office area is composed of two levels: the first one houses and space for events such as an auditorium with a capacity of 220 people, a cafeteria, and a showroom, as well as spaces for employees such as the casino and locker area.


On the second level is the office area composed of a reception area, an open office plan, private offices in coloured cubes located in strategic areas of ​​the project, so that each of these has a view towards the liquor area, which also has three spaces for meetings and rest and socialization.

The broken roof of the project allows natural ventilation in the storage area and efficiently guides rainwater into a reserve tank.


The project’s facade generates a kinetic effect, a sense of movement from a pedestrian’s perception. Thanks t, a series of vertical sheets that feature the characteristic colours favoured by the Ivette brand on each face. In this way, a static object comes to life.

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