JARDIN DOMESTIQUE: How can you easily grow your own herbs and spices at home when you have little time?

As our lives change and become busier and busier, we have less time to focus on ourselves and our well-being. Not only do we neglect our health, but meals become an afterthought. 

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JARDÍN DOMESTIQUE is a product that returns natural ingredients and 100% original flavors to the kitchen without preservatives.

A kit to maintain an orchard in your kitchen, Jardin Domestique allows you to cultivate an array of aromatic herbs and spices in our unique support trays.

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Our home gardeners select each spice or aromatic separately so that they can create their own gardens that reflect their taste and culinary interests. 

Spices come prepared in cubes that combine all the seeds, nutrients, and substrates necessary for your garden to germinate. These cubes are planted in the support trays in two sizes, for 5 and 7 units. The bins must be placed in an area of the kitchen that receives sunlight, and accompanying instructions indicate the amount of water and care that must be devoted to each spice or herb. Not long after growing, you will begin to see your garden growing!

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Once the herbs and spices have grown to maturity, they are ready for all your recipes. In your kitchen, you will always find fresh ingredients and natural components that help to build a healthy body.

Thyme, laurel, basil, rosemary, chamomile, mint -these are just some of the herbs and spices that can be grown in the JARDIN DOMESTIQUE.

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JARDIN DOMESTIQUE seeks to cultivate a natural and healthy food culture and to encourage our gardeners to both return to the habit of growing their own food and to choose healthy, organic products.

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Such practices can bring numerous health benefits, which include cutting preservatives and chemicals from our diets, which enables us to enjoy full and healthy lives.

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Cultivate your mind, cultivate your body, improve your health with JARDIN DOMESTIQUE

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