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ADC: How to raise the perceived value of our handcrafts?

The government bureau in charge of managing Colombian handcrafts commissioned us to develop a new integral concept that would raise its brand profile through an experience that improved the position of its products in the minds of consumers, to increase sales.

​In our research, we ethnographically analyzed the market to understand users’ behavior and what attracts them to buy handcrafts.

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From these studies, a preliminary concept was developed and evaluated in subsequent sessions of working sessions with "elite" clients.

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Finally, we understood that a significant percentage of clients was composed of foreigners looking for a gift that reflected an idea and a history of the country.

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We proposed the concept “branding our identity,” in which we put the artisan, rather than aproduct, at the heart of our communication strategy.

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With this in mind, our design team developed a point of sales inspired by both a maloca (traditional indigenous dwellings from the Amazon region) and colonial Hispanic architecture found in many of Colombia’s neighborhoods.

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One of the most essential values in the development of the project was to guarantee that the products produced for ADC spaces were 100% the work of artisans, reflecting authentic materials and ancestral techniques. Therefore, the value of the ADC brand not only highlights the social function but showcases the work of our people.

​Another essential concept that stood out in the development of both the space experience and that of the brand architecture was the artisan as the core of culture.

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Now the ADC carries products that tell stories, legends, and myths, and features spaces with sounds specially designed to create an immersive experience, all harmonized through technology.

​Today our concept continues to lead and inspire the strategies of the company, by inviting the tourist to approach, understand, and take part in Colombia’s history, knowing that for us the important things is not the product but the people who made it possible.