G&B: How to restructure my local brand experience to compete with the imminent entry of large multinationals?

Through the design of a comprehensive experience (visual, sensory, commercial) for G&B boutique, we sought to increase its sales as well as present it as the best choice for women’s fashions in the country.

Our mission was to identify markets, define a strategy to attract customers, design the ideal shopping experience, redefining brands, labels, spaces, and even create new sales categories, proposing an approach of integral innovation.

Our proposed concept was an Ibiza’s attic inspired by the country’s culture: we created a store inspired by the colors, fauna, flora, and traditions of Nicaragua, but adjusted to the aspirational profile of the G&B client, with a "vintage" touch and a "Miami" style.

We go the inspiration on the local traditions and iconography of the country, in which we mixed the imaginary of the flagship flora of the country, the animals, the graphics and the objects to recreate the makeup areas, the dressing rooms, murals, hooks, and all the decorations.

How’s this

For inspiration, we drew on the local traditions and iconography of Nicaragua, and we brought on its flora, fauna, and visual and material culture, as well as our imaginations, to recreate the makeup counters, dressing rooms, murals, hardware, decorations, and other details in their flagship store.

Regarding furniture, we designed elements with silhouettes and "vintage" textures in a mixture of classic and contemporary styles complemented by decorative accessories inspired by traditional Nicaraguan crafts.

Each element of the space -its layout, function, route, and son -was studied and analyzed through "Buy-ology" concepts. And applying our "Know How" in visual merchandising, the store was divided into new categories where we designed every element, from the labels up to the disposition of the garments, from the hooks to the lighting points, to achieve the most significant commercial impulse possible!

We advise on the design of staff uniforms to the way fashion consultants should present the products and boost sales, concluding with a launch event and commercial strategy to increase media impact.

Finally, the "wall of fame," with images and dedications from celebrities and former pageants contestants, reinforced and repositioned the image of the company.

As a result, we managed to double our client's sales and turn G&B Boutique into a point of reference for fashion and design in the country.