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Literato: How to build a memorable and unique experience inside my bookstores?

Taking into consideration the reduced space of the bookstore, our goal was to modernize its identity and attract more customers

Photo CD&I Associates.

Through our market analysis we realized that young people were the most frequent visitors to the mall, so we tried to focus on attracting those users with a fresh spirit, adding challenges, icons, and new technologies and services.

Our goal then became to recreate a modular bookstore based on icons and labyrinths to engrave in clients’ minds the sense of being in a unique place.

We proposed different visual points, giant photographs of acclaimed authors, sliding stairs that allowed access to the floor to ceiling collection of books, (capullos) high private spaces to isolate themselves from the context.

We also proposed a children's area on a children's scale, a lamp of poems, an area of new technologies, and a reconfigurable modular system that included price holders and LED lights. We relaunched the concept in a competitive and demanding market and produced an influx of traffic that is up 45% from before.

Today, this store is known in the local market for its iconic style, where buyers can stay and get lost in a simple labyrinth where the center remains the user.