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Zacatelimón™: How should I redesign the dining experience in order to transform my restaurant into my customers’ preferred spot to eat and socialize?

Our client, Claudia Chamorro, had an extraordinary dream: to create a place where families, friends, and colleagues could forget their daily routine and have fun while enjoying a unique and memorable meal.

​They asked us to update their established restaurant to provide a fresh and more consequential experience.

​To accomplish this task, we focused on translating their business plans into business processes through market research that allowed us to identify trends and anticipate the needs of their customers to jump ahead of the competition.

We discovered that customers from the premium sectors of the city required a gourmet space with a distinctive and fun touch.

The basis for our value proposition consisted of maintaining the promise of a tasty, modern, healthy, and fresh meal, but also emphasizing the gourmet and fun touch.We redesigned the brand, the kitchen, and the menu, and introduced new interiors, vehicles, uniforms, furniture, and lighting.

We re-conceptualized their identity to a “café-resto,” inspired by the best bistros of Paris and New York.

In addition to creating a space that welcomed people with disabilities, we conceived murals, blackboards, mobile bars, video screens, and interactive printed menus with monthly themes, which together with the bakery and coffee area promoted customer socialization.

We also sought to maximize the acoustic design of the kitchen to prevent noise caused by coffee machines and other appliances.

Social areas were designed to guarantee a friendly and familiar environment, for which we even developed a signature smiling chair.

With the input of one of the French chefs on our team, we planned the kitchen space with everything needed to produce a new menu.

Attention to detail was expressed throughout the project. For example, we created a box for people to leave their cell phones in order to invite them to talk to and interact with each other. We designed different seasonal table covers and drawing boards to encourage customers to create and communicate.

Every year we deliver a marketing plan that includes designs for 6 to 8 seasons and proposes strategic objectives and tactics to ensure continued success.

We periodically scan the trends to manage and lead their social networks and introduce new concepts. As a client's agency, we meet weekly to advise them on the creation of new opportunities that will satisfy the unique needs of their customers.

After more than 28 seasons, where the murals and Zacatelimón themes have become a tradition that invites customers to return again and again, knowing that they will find a new joyful, fresh, and healthy experience with every visit, we can tell that the love for food combined with innovation made all the difference.

And of course, we love to know that we anticipated developing trends. According to a recent article on the CNBC website, haute cuisine veteran and celebrity chef, Franklin Becker talked about "the new recipe for success: fast and healthy informal." Seems that we nailed it!