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Bombardier Inc: If we have already conquered the earth, the water, and the snow, how should we conquer the sky?

We created a whole new concept inspired by the Canadian brand Bombardier and their extreme sports products. We started by doing research about what had been done in this industry, which gave us plenty of information to work with.

Photo CD&I Associates.

Their target audience, adventurous people who enjoy extreme outdoor sports, led to our concept: “let people fly without wings.”

Photo CD&I Associates.

This concept inspired “Sky Bat,” an electric device that allows people to move in ways they never thought possible outside of dreams. Shaped like a bat, it supports one person at a time. The user lays down on it, glides, and enjoys the 20-minute adventure (the approximate duration of its battery).

Photo CD&I Associates.

Originally shown at “Latin Design exhibit,” we recently found out that our vision was 6 years ahead of the competition. In 2014, a group of engineers created the “Back to the Future hoverboard”.

(read more,a board that floats over a metal surface about 1 inch from the ground and supports the weight of a human. The development of this similar concept led us to say: We saw it first!