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ECO-PLACK: How to bring more nature into our cities and recover old building facades?

For many years man seized territory from nature; the day of tomorrow nature will recover the place man has claimed.

This product arises from the nostalgic memory for the natural and the tendency to rethink GAIA.

Cement jungles grow and expand in all the cities of the world. Nevertheless, green is ready always to invade our buildings and fill them with life.

Photo CD&I Associates.

This design applies a technique known as NFT cultivation system (Nutrient Fil Technique), a channel or conduit that keeps the roots of plants immersed in a stream of nutrient solution.

This solution flows via gravity, and the system will regulate its temperature and turbulence to maintain a continuous circulation and regulation of nutrients, minerals, and oxygen in the roots.

Photo CD&I Associates.

ECO-PLACKwill contribute to energy savings in buildings because, like a ventilated façade, it decreases the cost of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

In this way, the system propitiates optimum conditions for the growth of vegetation in the facades of the buildings, without altering the structural properties.

Photo CD&I Associates.

ECO-PLACK is a constructive system of plates that serve as support for certain types of plants such as climbing, ornamental, tomatoes, strawberries, or legumes.

Nature will return to those buildings that it cannot tear down.

Photo CD&I Associates.

Nature changes and is renewed with each season. ECO-PLACK too.

By adapting to climatic and seasonal cycles, the variety of plants supported by this versatile piece is extended, which will provide different alternatives to transform the buildings of the city.