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FORTE: How should we develop a new brand of stronger coffee for foreign markets?

Colombia is a country known for its excellent, smooth, light roast coffees. However, in many countries, consumers prefer darker roasts. We propose a new brand of stronger coffee for foreign markets.

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Colombia produces one of the world's finest arabica bean coffees, from which some of the best roasts are derived., In North America, it is typical to drink coffee throughout the day, and in unusually large quantities in the morning hours.

In places like Europe, Asia, and Arabia, however, the preference is for small servings of strong coffee.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why the sale of Arab coffees is popular.

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To strengthen and advance the position of Colombian coffee in the world, it is necessary to develop a sister coffee brand to Juan Valdez.

Just as we have the lightest coffee in the world, which appeals to the American taste, we should also have a robust coffee that appeals to other global tastes.

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Through the creation and promotion of the FORTE brand, we will be undisputed leaders in worldwide coffee production.

A coffee of a high quality and full of flavor.