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GUARDIAN: how do we prevent people from committing traffic violations?

The absence of cameras and police was once notorious. Our proposal became a solution that allowed citizens to earn money while helping the city.

By developing a strategy that convened a representative group of citizens of legal age, who after receiving instruction for 2 months in all traffic regulations and city rules, become hidden guardians who crisscrossed the streets, using a camera, GPS, and notepad to capture vehicles committing traffic infractions.

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Poorly parked vehicles, prohibited crossings, and the pick up or drop off passengers at illegal sites may be captured by the Guardians, who are instructed not to come into direct contact with the offender at the time of the infraction, but instead, they will directly report the evidence to a transit center.

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Weekly bulletins in the national press and on the Internet about the infringing vehicles, the type of infraction, and the location will be published so that the owners and offenders have the opportunity to get the corresponding address to make the discharge. Otherwise,the infraction will be sent directly to the registered address of the owner of the vehicle.

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When the infraction is canceled by the offender, the custodian and the city will receive a proportional part of it to reinvest it in the improvement of its infrastructure.

Applying these strategies, we will ensure that drivers feel the active presence of those who demand a friendlier city where the rules and their inhabitants are respected.