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RÊVE : How do you see advertising of the future?

In 2009, we proposed that a renowned carbonated beverage company pay for your train travel, in exchange for which they would fill your dreams with advertisements.

Brands have found a new way to penetrate the mind of the consumer and by using technology, advertising not only motivates to think about brands and products or to love them, but also to dream them.

Photo CD& Associates.

RÊVE is a device that emits signals to the brain with visual and conceptual information of a brand, when an individual is in a specific space, in an ideal dream state.

If you are a traveler looking for the most economical class by water, land or air with RÊVE you can travel comfortably and at a lower price.In addition, the activation strategy of RÊVE is aimed at those passengers who take advantage of traveling at night so as not to lose the rhythm of their daily activities.

Photo CD&I Associates.

RÊVE technology allows brands to be part of the dreams of people, allowing them to increase their value, attributes, and benefits, thereby making them tools to achieve an ideal end within the dream.In the near future, brands will be in your dreams.