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D.A & Alessi spa: How should a coffee machine be if the classics of Alessi inspired it?

This concept was developed as part of the super and popular workshop between the Domus Academy and the Alessi study center directed by Laura Polinoro, in which a group of designers was invited to participate in the creation of a new classic design for the company.

We focused ourselves on creating a unique coffee Moka pot, and proposed "Venti" (twenty in Italian)

Photo CD&I Associates.

Taking in count that the evaluation committee of Alessi, assigns a maximum score of 5 points for Alessi spirit, aesthetics, function, and innovation, and that only the projects that reach thirteen are the ones that go into production.

Photo CD&I Associates.

An iconic product, pure, without strong styles that handled formal cleaning, an element without a handle, a sculpture to be placed on the stove.

Photo CD&I Associates.

VENTI "is composed of three primary bodies:

The bottom chamber: contains the water and the coffee filter and when is placed on the stove, the water heats up and generates steam

The middle section or handle: serves as a connection allowing the water up through the coffee granules and into the top chamber .caused by the increasing of pressure caused by the heat, facilitating the mixing with the coffee.

The upper chamber: in which the coffee is ready to be poured and announced by a subtle flutter of the upper cap caused by the steam.

Photo CD&I Associates.

Regarding aesthetics, we managed to recreate a sculptural element that breaks the traditional concept of the coffee pot where the handle and the body, are combined in one piece covered by an insulating polymer keeping the handle cool at any time.

Photo CD&I Associates.

Finally, the stainless-steel guaranteeing the possibilities to be produced on the Italian premises of this factory.