IVI MAKEUP: How to create a new beauty experience that promotes our two main brands?

Sometimes it is difficult to integrate two different brands into a single concept.

On the one hand, we have Milani®, inspired by the streets, fashion, art, history, and culture of Milan, in which the New Milani Group, Inc., manufactures cosmetics and beauty care products, offering products for the eye, face, lips, and nails. 

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On the other hand, Jordana®, which has for more than 25 years promoted the idea that everyone should be able to create her own unique look with high-quality makeup that’s affordable.

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Featuring advanced formulas in a range of colors, and also offering vegan products made in the USA, both brands provide their products through a network of retailers in the United States and Central America (without a physical store). 

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For this project, Variedades Ivette, a Central American distributor, wanted to develop a new strategy to position these California brands, but at the same time build a unique and meaningful way to connect with their customers.

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After in-depth research of their clients’ habits and the brand, we decided to conceive a new leading brand, inspired by the best companies on the market, to compete for face to face for a market share.


Every aspect of design, from store design to customer experience, branding to shelving, product placement to uniforms, social networking to packaging, we designed.

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We focused on imagining a new space in which women could not just buy product brands, but also experience makeup sessions, activities, and promotions, where expert advisors and staff were focused on indulging customers and creating an enhanced and intimate journey.

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Our task was not simple: we had to position a new brand, in a new region, not just by developing the concept, but also by creating the first store of its kind and the way the twolooked and coexisted in a meaningful experience.

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