In 2004, the French Alliance began a series of exhibitions called "Work in Progress" designed to showcase the work of young designers who have made significant and innovative contributions to the development of architecture, graphic, product, and art in recent years.


In 2009, our director, Luis Angarita was invited to participate in this exhibition where we showcased 13 new design visions of the future, as well as a design manifesto.


Inspired by the article “The need of design,” from the novel "Forma Viva" (Living Form) published in 1978 by Dicken Castro, we chose Earth Day (April 22nd, 2009) to transform the exhibit into a visionary showroom outlining the creative, economic, and political transcendence of design. The manifesto expressed the purpose of the design beyond 2020.


In this exposition, we made many innovative advances that, years later, are still in effect in different industries. We were even awarded a Red Dot Design Prize a prestigious global design award for “sense” one of the showcased products.


Throughout our manifesto, we mention the eventual disappearance of design, its meaning in the contemporary world, and its creative role. Our friend and renowned architect, Dicken Castro greeted us during the opening day and said, “I’ve never been to an exposition as modern as this one".
Design team
Luis Angarita, William Barrera, David De La Torre, Angelica Diaz ,Marcela Diaz, Maria Angelica Ortiz, Olga Mendez , Juan Sebastian Pérez, German Núñez, Hermes Perez, Monica Mantilla, Ximena Matallana, Marcel Vesga, Andres Zapata.


Here you will find some of the projects we presented at that time


(microbiology, home, society)

In 2009, we understood the speed with which we are

destroying the ecosystem. We thought a solution could

be to house exotic plants in our homes and treat them

as if they were our pets!

(lighting systems, home, space)

Why just have a bulb when it could also be a lamp?This system of lighting proposed for Philips in 2009 was based on the idea that the bulb can be a lamp. Therefore, the bulb does not need a lamp!

(architecture, biology, construction, housing)

This was our proposed solution to bring more nature to our cities and recover old building facades. 


(alternative energy systems)

In 2009 we proposed to use the plants in our home as batteries in order to provide clean and renewable sources of energy.

(urbanism, architecture)

What types of housing could we propose to avoid the elimination of  "green" space, and instead, finding a way to adapt to it? This was our vision back in 2009.

(food, home, restaurants)

Ten years ago, we proposed a new way to prepare hot chocolate in Latin America; combining chocolate bars with milk.

(kitchen, home)

10 years ago, growing your own condiments at home was difficult. We proposed a simple system that would provide a better and easier way to do this.

(appliances, technology)

How could we combine smart and traditional materials to allow new configurations on modern appliances?

(brand strategy)

Colombia is a country characterized as having an excellent smooth coffee for export. We proposed a new brand of stronger coffee for foreign markets.

(smart cities)

In 2009 we needed to prevent people from committing traffic violations. The absence of cameras and police were notorious at that time. We proposed a solution that allows citizens to earn money while helping the city.

(portable devices)

This was our vision of how personal device assistants would be used in the future.We conceived a device where 80% was created online, while the remaining 20% of its personality can be discovered by the end user

(transport, advertising)

Our vision of the future regarding how brands advertise was a bit grim.In 2009, we proposed that a renowned carbonated beverage company would pay for your train travel, in exchange for which they would fill your dreams with advertisements.

(online, new devices and technology)

Just imagine! What would happen if you could smell, touch and taste anything from your computer screen before buying it? This was our most awarded concept back in in 2009.

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