LatinArte: How to turn a social project into the most renowned Latin arts festival in Montreal?

The LatinArte Foundation promotes Latin art and culture in Canada. They needed to innovate to be more recognized in the market. It suffered from a lack of a consistent identity, and its marketing strategies were poorly defined so that it left little impact on the local community in Montreal and Quebec.

Since 2009, CD&I Associateshas been in charge of brand strategy and visual identity for this nonprofit organization.

We helped to design their communications, media and events campaigns, postcards, advertising campaigns against racism, collective exhibitions, fundraising presentations, festival openings, concert promotions, advertising guidelines, promotional supports, tickets, stickers, among many others.

In a multidisciplinary project that involved talent from different parts of the world, partnered with one of the most recognized Latin branding agencies in the USA, we proposed the new brand identity for the organization.

We wanted to give our client asimple, symbolic, unified concept that did not compete with the work of their artists. In this way, the result synthesized the idea of Latinity in a simple image that transmits the values of the foundation and recognizes the rich local iconography of Quebec.

We created a kit for the management of the brand & communications that also included the design of its website and standards for visual media production, as well as positioning strategies and a new business model.

Today our goal is still intact, and we continue to advise LatinArte. Together we aim to make it an event as recognized as the Montreal Jazz Festival and to promote the multiculturalism and richness of the Latino community in Montreal.

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