New Media Designer (Trainee)

We know that work experience makes a professional difference, and when you do not have the opportunity you need an opportunity for your talent!


We are looking for a young professional with previous experience in the area of ​​New Media Design, that is super CREATIVE / A, that loves to work in a team and that this fascinates him by the visual design, design of user experience, web design, social networks , interactivity, things in movement.


That has skills for the management of social networks, management of web pages on wordpress platform and with good management of visual design and communications.




As TRAINEE in NEW MEDIA DESIGN in CD & I Associates you will have the opportunity to know all the steps that involve an innovation project, assuming responsibilities and leadership from the beginning, through the relationship with other members of the company, participation in events , the work with the senior members of the company, and the autonomous management of projects and clients.



As TRAINEE IN NEW MEDIA the offer consists of a period of learning and collaboration, through a contract for the provision of services + training with a maximum execution period of 4 MONTHS.


In addition to training, TRAINEE receives a basic payment that covers the value of the services provided during the period.


Once this stage is concluded and thanks to the performance and mutual interest of the parties, the company makes a formal offer of work proposing a base salary in line with the salary aspiration of TRAINEE and the potential that the company sees in it, it is composed of a labor contract with all the benefits of law (benefits, unemployment, health) among others.


We are looking for someone who wants to make a career and not just go through our company, who wants to integrate a creative team with international standards. If at the end of this preparation period he demonstrates the aptitudes and attitudes, he will become one of the permanent members of our exclusive Staff, under an employment contract.


Act as community Manager, manager of new content on web pages of wordpress platforms, as well as design visual and effective communication pieces.


Interacting & occasionally coordinating the relationship with clients to prepare to assume future key accounts of the company.


Being a weirdo, because you must do it by fulfilling short times with exceptional quality, and at the same time you must know how to manage, lead, design and coordinate simultaneously while maintaining a good attitude and a great smile.


Experiment with our websites, making them different, unique and fun.


Design new visual and interactive user experiences


Participate in projects of digital advertising, marketing, web applications, entertainment and corporate design!


May he know how to use his hands without scratching his fingers!


That he knows how to write and does not have to be taught (good spelling, writing ability)!


Let him stand out for his aptitude for INNOVATION!


Who wants to become a leader of projects in the company!


To understand the business of our clients, support the pressure and stress of managing clients and a strict and a little neurotic boss, but he will surely teach them a lot!


That is familiar with the WORDPRESS platform is a PLUS !!



BUT ABOVE ALL ... Have ATTITUDE 100% CD & I Associates!

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