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DUPONT 1 V1.jpg

How to demonstrate that Corian® has many uses and possibilities?

Our primary objective was to explore new ways to use DuPont’s Corian material from the perspective of furniture design to verify its functionality, versatility, and design.

The demographic to which these chairs (S&S Chairs) were addressed was a couple between 30 and 35 years old, from an upper-middle to upper socio-economic segment, looking for minimalist, simple, neutral designs.

The Rocking chair made of Corian de Dupont expressed the simplicity and balance of the design by using simple cuts along the sheet’s maximum dimension, taking advantage of 95% of the material, leaving practically no remainder.

DUPONT 4 V1.jpg
DUPONT 3 V1.jpg

The expression of minimum essence with whole meaning does not require words, just the pleasurable feeling of rocking on an apartment terrace or at the shore.


With this project, we wanted to recreate monomeric furniture that appeals to simple production processes, taking the rocking chair to an icon’s level, expressing the simplicity of the material and its properties.

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