[Trendspotting  Shopper Insights, Coaching]


We study people, materials, and sources systematically and methodically to discover

facts and reach new conclusions that allow us to develop and train your working teams

by establishing and nurturing relationships between clients (internal and external) and



I+D RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: We advise in the development and innovation of products, researching and proposing new materials, processes, trends, and future concepts.

ID-NOVATION CULTURE: Through seminars, courses, and conferences, we train, implant, increase, and impart the fundamental principles of innovation culture to your company.



I REPORT® & TRENDSPOTTING: Thanks to our network of international consultants, we generate periodic reports to update and alert our clients to different trends, innovations, and visions relevant to their market.

I-EXPERT ®: In consulting sessions with international experts (finance, technology, strategy, design, among others), we clarify doubts, focus energies, and train for relevant aspects related to innovation and best practices for achieving your projects.



SHOPPER INSIGHTS: By applying ethnographic techniques, both qualitative and quantitative, we study consumers to understand what they think and what attracts them. We individualize patterns of behavior, sociological profiles, and demographics through Shopper DNA tables, which illustrate the characteristics of their "tribes," discover their shopping rituals and map their decision-making.

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