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Our challenge was to create a unique place without equal; we devoted more than 14 months to designing a great entertainment space in the region.

We gave an industrial look, authentic and vibrant colours and proposed four distinctly differentiated areas, looking for each person to live their own experience.


We welcome you with the lobby area, a massive concrete countertop and a ramp that takes you to the most advanced technology bowling zone to date.


Ten bowling lines were decorated with signature tailor-made furniture designed by CD&I Associates, allowing you to share with different groups of friends and moments according to the occasion.  

We used the most innovative, and the world’s only, Bowler Entertainment System designed to maximize every aspect of what makes bowling appealing to customers by delivering more fun, more ways to socialize and more competitive excitement.

Special-effects lighting and big screens are featured in

XCape. We designed this venue to provide quality entertainment and a great gastronomic experience within an industrial cocktail style bar.

We equipped the place with the very latest bowling  technology, including a Bowler Entertainment System, pinspotters and a special lighting system, among others

Here you disconnect from the routine, and at the same time, you connect visually with our bar and restaurant area.

The industrial bar becomes the central axis of the place where screens, drinks, and liquors are mixed with light lines that raise visual tensions. The restaurant area, framed by the main steel and concrete countertop, hosts more than 100 guests and is a place for a band, show, or showcase.

XCAPE (1).jpg
Here you disconnect from the routine, and at the same time, you connect visually with our bar and restaurant area.
XCAPE (42).jpg
The corridor connects you with all-gender restrooms and the arcade area, which, in turn, ends on a giant spaceship door that invites you to visit a new place outside this planet.

The arcade changes the essence of the place thanks to a large mesh of light and to the effect of the walls that bring it closer to that universe of films like Tron. Light lines link all areas that rise, fall and connect, generating different rhythms and geometries.
XCAPE (13).jpg
XCAPE (74).jpg

The spaceship’s area contains a maze with an exclusive automatic laser cannonballs design, where you can experience a futuristic laser battle in a unique two-floor environment. The Maze was inspired by an imaginary extracted from movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien: The eighth passenger and Armageddon.

Finally, the interior design experience was also complemented with the naming, branding, and interior design details created by us with the intent of  attracting a broader audience to this unique place.


We name it XCAPE because we believe you should escape to an exceptional experience every time you visit.

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