INNOVATIVE Residential, Commercial, Retail & SPACES

We are experts in designing and conceiving innovative spaces and areas for innovation,where each is distinguished by its commitment to identity and place, the broad investigation of user needs, and to solutions that capture high value for investors.


We design, construct, and modify the human habitat,including buildings, architectural structures, and urban spaces that in addition to being livable and attractive, will become places with iconic value, giving an added sense of belonging and community to inhabitants.


We innovate at the point of sale to address the sensory, corporal, emotional, and affective components that invite the "Shopper" to buy or use products in a more instinctive way, thanks to the expertise we have using buy-ology concepts and principles.


We are experts in innovating facades, showcases, stores, racks, and shelves for company brands, and at proposing appropriate commercial management that attracts customers and maximizes results.

We configure marketing and visual strategy by using engaging techniques to and from the point of sale.


We integrate space, products, processes, services, technologies, and events to generate a story that becomes a journey. Focused on the quality of the user experience within a specific context, we propose phases of attraction, immersion, conclusion, and extension that will make the experience a highly memorable event.

5.I LABS®:

We have mastered the art of creating and implementing physical and customized spaces to favor and promote innovation.

Some become successful project incubators, where we also transfer our unique methodologies to help you better work in this environment.