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How to reimagine a familiar concept to create a captivating and comfortable piece of furniture with an emotional connection?

In the vibrant design landscape of 2001, emerged the innovative creation BO-K, a monstrous domestic delight that redefined the idea of comfort and relaxation. Inspired by the iconic "sacco 28" by Piero Gatti from 1968, BO-K was conceived for the closed competition hosted by British American Tobacco, engaging 25 Colombian designers to craft products mirroring the essence of a renowned cigarette brand.

BO-K was not just a piece of furniture; it was an invitation to plunge into a realm of indulgence, a pretext for relaxation and an experience for the senses. It embodied the elegance and comfort of a chaise lounge, but with a twist that turned it into an expansive cocoon of pleasure.

Envision a colossal BO-K, beckoning you to immerse yourself within its contours a sanctuary of serenity. Its design was more than an ode to comfort; it was an intimate dialogue between form and function, inviting you to sink into its embrace and find solace.

BO-K was more than just a chaise lounge; it was an escapade, an invitation to rest, to recline, to simply be. You could nestle within its folds and the gentle rustle of polyurethane beads inside would echo the whispers of the sea, a lullaby for the weary, a serenade for the soul.

Redefined comfort through innovative design, merging simplicity with elegance

The essence of BO-K lay in simplicity, an embodiment of an age-old concept revisited with a modern spirit. The interplay of its bold blue hue, intertwined with subtle horizontal lines, offered not just visual impact but an emotional connection. It was about elegance, grace and the soft embrace of polyester-lycra velvet. The choice of materials made it not just voluminous but incredibly light and unisex.

BO-K's journey from concept to reality involved the meticulous craft of industrial sewing, bringing together polyester-lycra velvet and semi-rigid polyurethane beads into a harmonious union. Its dimensions, 160 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm, made it versatile, a canvas for solitude or companionship.

In the world of design, BO-K wasn't just a creation; it was a celebration of innovation, an embodiment of comfort and a testament to the art of reimagining the familiar into the extraordinary. It stood as a sentinel, reminding us that sometimes, within simplicity, lies the most captivating elegance.

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