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How to sell ​​insurance as we sell tomatoes?

We developed the Carrefour Insurance and Assistance Gondolas as part of the "En Tu Vida" project, aiming to revolutionize insurance sales. By designing a mobile exhibition system that could be customized for each store, we transformed the gondolas from POP material to permanent fixtures. Implementing our strategy and innovative exhibition concept in over 50 retail stores, we received enthusiastic user response and prompted Carrefour to expand the model worldwide. Our approach, which made buying insurance as easy as buying tomatoes from a gondola shelf, was copied by competitors.

Our goal was to transform the sale and marketing of various insurance types, ensuring accessibility and transparency for Carrefour customers. Previously, middle-class families lacked options for insuring their small assets, whether it was a motorcycle, short-term life insurance, or protection against flood damage.

We introduced a simple way to market and sell microinsurance with a different point of sale. This project not only changed the traditional marketing approach but also revolutionized the entire process of selling, buying, and understanding insurance.

The challenge was to help Carrefour, the second-largest retail store globally, commercialize its intangible services in a tangible way. We simplified the insurance purchasing process by making it as straightforward as picking up the desired insurance from the gondola and adding it to the cart. By conceptualizing and creating new services, we provided Carrefour customers with an enhanced experience while transforming the insurance industry within the retail space.

Thinking about the cumbersome and challenging process of obtaining insurance, we believed that by simplifying this activity and making available to the consumer different insurance products, we could make the process tangible, brief, and straightforward.

Gondolas Carrefour

The Carrefour Insurance and Assistance Gondolas are a permanent fixture in Carrefour stores, showcasing new services sold as free products. They revolutionized the sales process by making insurance tangible and accessible, allowing customers to purchase them as easily as buying tomatoes. The gondolas are modular and designed with advertising displays, product exhibition spaces, and interior lighting. They are exclusively dedicated to insurance and assistance products. The goal was to create a mobile exhibition system that adapts to different store spaces and becomes a fixed asset. This innovative approach transformed the way insurance is sold and attracted customers with its striking presence.

Carrefour gift card

In this project, our goal was to transform gift cards into tangible and personalized gifts. We aimed to add value and reduce the impersonal nature of gift vouchers by providing a waterproof key card enclosed in a case instead of a folder of papers. The gift card was made versatile, offered in various occasions and accompanied by a compostable box. It could be loaded with any amount and used to purchase items at Carrefour stores nationwide, making it a comprehensive gift shop. Special editions were created for different seasons, such as the Christmas Gift Card and the Ancheta Card. The design focused on making the delivery of the gift voucher tangible and allowing personalization by the buyer through the inclusion of additional items inside the packaging.

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