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How did the condiment holders in this collection add a touch of creativity and intimacy to dining experiences?

The Cat-masutra, is a whimsical set of salt and pepper shakers taking the form of innocent kittens. These feline-inspired condiment holders, born from the creativity of Luis Angarita, were part of the innovative "Domestic Monsters" collection crafted by CD&I Associates.

The Cat-masutra was not just about adding flavor to a meal; it was a playful homage to love and intimacy. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Indian manual of Kamasutra, these virtuous and graceful kittens sought to become a source of inspiration for love and intimacy.

Picture innocent kittens assuming mischievous yet creative positions on your dining table, their purpose transcending the ordinary. In their whimsical dance, they sought to blend salt and pepper, adding not just flavor but substance to life.

As part of the "Domestic Monsters" collection, The Cat-masutra aspired to be more than mere table adornments. It aimed to engage its users, encouraging them to participate in the dinner, to interact with these playful feline-inspired shakers that assumed different positions, triggering smiles and conversations around the table.

In the realm of design, The Cat-masutra wasn't just a functional creation; it was a testament to the fusion of art, humor and the celebration of love. It exemplified the marriage of form and function, where aesthetics met playfulness to create an unforgettable dining experience.

With production executed through ceramic processes and the innovative injection of gas, The Cat-masutra promised more than just a playful addition to your dining table. It represented an innovative approach, combining national talent and cutting-edge technology, a testament to Progen S.A.'s commitment to unique design and production.

The Cat-masutra wasn't just a condiment holder; it was an invitation to explore creativity, to embrace laughter and to celebrate the beauty of love. Its dance of innocence and mischief captured the essence of design beyond utility—it embodied the magic of imagination.

Salt and pepper shaker combo

Elevating dining with art, humor and love, these condiment holders fused creativity and technology

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