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How did the Colombian motorbike help rural and urban transport?

In 2005, CD&I Associates, , embarked on an ambitious project, designing a motorized bicycle and formulating a comprehensive branding strategy. The aim was to create an affordable vehicle priced at less than 400 dollars, targeting the Colombian rural and urban markets. This innovative solution was envisioned to streamline transportation for farmers and other individuals working in mountainous areas, providing an efficient and comfortable means to commute to their workplaces.

The project involved careful consideration of design elements and brand strategy to ensure that the resulting product catered to the specific needs of the target market, aligning with their economic constraints while providing a solution to their transportation challenges. The motorized bicycle aimed to bring a positive impact to the lives of people residing and working in remote or challenging terrains.

An innovative, affordable solution for rural and urban commuters in Colombia

The creative minds at CD&I Associates, particularly led by Luis Angarita and Freddy  Oyuela, meticulously crafted the design, emphasizing functionality, affordability and ease of use. The integration of innovative features made this motorized bicycle a reliable mode of transport, allowing users to navigate varied landscapes with convenience and reliability.

This project showcased the power of design to not only create products but to address real-world challenges, making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals by providing them with accessible and efficient transportation solutions.

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