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How does this lamp morph from a radiant source to a versatile daily companion?

In the year 2000, CD&I Associates, , unveiled "SOLTERÓN". This "Domestic Monster", embodying the essence of those not yet tethered by matrimony but matured by years, takes form as a lamp with a twist.

The term "SOLTERÓN" in Spanish refers to individuals, perhaps seasoned by life but not by marriage. This lamp, beyond illuminating a space, transforms into a practical platform for draping clothes and arranging accessories, marking the end of one day's journey or the beginning of the next.

The SOLTERÓN is a living sculpture, frozen in time like an ice carving, reminiscent of bachelor uncles of old, now welcoming those who return home. Its outstretched arms and head serve as sturdy hangers, embracing daily belongings, while its absent heart, a hollow within, cradles keys and loose change. This sacrificial figure, though void of warmth, brings smiles and serves dutifully.

Illumination transcends its role, this lamp becomes a multifaceted fusion of practicality and artistic expression

Designed for the contemporary urban dweller, especially those inhabiting studio-style abodes within modern cities, the SOLTERÓN lamp caters to ages 24 to 40. It caters to individuals who define their living spaces with a personal touch, embracing eclecticism over traditional norms.

The production volume of 2000 units marks a testament to its anticipated demand. The SOLTERÓN embodies a playful spirit, adding a story to the simple act of storing clothes and accessories, all the while remaining a functional lamp. Cast from polyester resin and fiberglass, it embodies the fusion of art and utility, offering both light and practicality.

This MONSTER, a fusion of formal elegance and practicality, represents a paradigm shift from mundane storage to a delightful experience. Each SOLTERÓN is a unique entity, reflecting a blend of purpose and playfulness.

Step into the future of design with SOLTERÓN, where functionality meets artistry, and a lamp becomes more than just a source of light—it becomes a companion in daily life.

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