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Logo Elma Camargo


How did the project redefine a fashion brand with elegance and exclusivity?

In 2006, CD&I Associates took on a creative challenge: the transformation of renowned fashion designer Elma Camargo. For us, brands were more than just logos; they were experiences, they were services, they were essences.

The project had an ambitious purpose: to represent Elma Camargo's evolution and introduce her new brand structure. Formerly known as Zarina, the brand now embodied an eclectic and minimalist character. It became synonymous with elegance and exclusivity, unmistakable qualities of her designs. But it didn't stop at fashion; it was a manifestation of a comprehensive concept of beauty that encompassed her store, salon and spa.

Under the masterful direction of Luis Angarita, and with the direct design led by Angarita himself and creative support from D.I Mónica Mantilla, we brought this new identity to life. Every element of the design embodied the essence of Elma Camargo: her passion for fashion and elegance, her pursuit of the exclusive, and her dedication to enhancing beauty in all aspects of life.

A creative transformation breathed elegance and exclusivity into a fashion brand, redefining the shopping experience

The result was a cohesive ensemble that adorned not only the garments but also transformed the shopping experience into an act of beauty. Each visit to the store became a journey through Elma Camargo's unique vision, a journey encapsulating the very essence of fashion and elegance.

The revelation of this new image took place on December 15, 2006. It was a pivotal moment, not only for Elma Camargo

but also for all fashion enthusiasts who now had the opportunity to live their passion in a renewed and more enriching way. The experience of collaborating with Elma Camargo on this project left an indelible mark on our team, reminding us that design can transform not only brands but also the way people experience the world.

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