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ALIEN - Progen

What mass product should we produce to take full advantage of our new gas-assisted injection machines?

A devastating tragedy struck Bogotá on April 28th, 2004, when an asphalt recycling machine collapsed onto a school bus during construction work, resulting in the deaths of 21 children and two adults, and injuring 24 others. The accident was caused by various safety violations and deficiencies in road signaling. This incident underscored the urgent need for improved safety measures on Latin American highways. The ALIEN project, initiated in 2000 to enhance road safety, gained international recognition. Developed by CD&I Associates, the ALIEN design has since become an international patent and was hailed as the "Design of the Decade" by Colombia's El Tiempo newspaper.











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  1. Purpose: Protecting and warning pedestrians and drivers about road hazards.

  2. Innovative Design: Patented and awarded for its revolutionary design by CD&I Associates.

  3. Functionality: Uses a light system to provide traffic indicators and can carry road signaling materials.

  4. Modularity: Composed of three pieces, it can transform into various demarcation systems like cones or barricades.

  5. Cost-effectiveness: Modular design reduces transportation and storage costs, and the base can be filled for stability.

  6. Versatility: Can be configured for temporary or permanent use with simple adjustment mechanisms.

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ALIEN is available in many countries, where for more than 20 years, it has been used to transform and improve quality of life

It also won plaudits at the Madrid and Shanghai Architectural Exhibitions, won the “Lapiz de Acero” Award and was a finalist in the Innovators of America Award. It is now considered an icon of the Latin American design and material culture. 

How does it work? Needed to generate traffic indicators to be placed in a consecutive way to advise workers, pedestrians and drivers of possible obstacles and accidents that may occur, it uses a light system that is easy to move, with the ability to efficiently carry road signalling tapes that integrate signalling systems, cable lines, ropes, and chains.

ALIEN comprises three essential pieces that enable it to mutate into more than ten different demarcation systems: by becoming a cone, a barricade, or a signal, depending on the circumstances.

Its modular nature represented a new typology on the market that eased transportation and storage costs and significantly reduced costs and workforce expenses.

Product visualization 

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