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If you are a young creative ! With not that many experience, this offer is for you!
We are looking for a full-time Trainee designer to join our small team. Their mission is to first learn and then participate, create and develop exciting design projects, and coordinate with our team and partners to help our creations be their very best.
A creative who enjoys teamwork and with excellent skills in design related fields 
We look for COMMITMENT, a sense of humour and dedication for our customers.
As a
TRAINEE  in CD&I Associates, you will have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate what you know and practice all the steps involving an innovative process developing great designs and communications.





As TRAINEE, our offer consists mainly of the learning curve and experience you will acquire while working with us for 3 to 4 MONTHS, In addition to our training, you will receive a basic wage to cover some of your expenses during the training period.
Once this period ends satisfactory, and according to your performance and abilities, we will present you a formal job offer that includes salary + benefits, according to your aspiration.
We are looking for someone who wants to make a career and not just go through our company trainee process, who wants to integrate a creative team with international standards.
At the end of the preparation period and according to performance and expectations, the trainee will become one of our permanent STAFF members, under an employment contract.


  • Design (30%): Create and update projects, including requirements, guides, sketches, design process, checklists, and more. 

  • Review and improve designs (20%): Carefully review designs from graphics to advertising, from products to spaces, and oversee changes and improvements.

  • Team Work  (20%): Communicate with our teammates and partners daily by email, chat, phone and video.

  • Project Coordination (20%): Create and update plans and schedules. Solve challenges and ensure the highest quality products are delivered on time and in the most cost-effective manner.

  • Nurture Client Relationships (5%): Establish a friendly, professional rapport with our clients and partners, while maintaining strong oversight to ensure their expectations are consistently achieved. 

  • Cheerful Customer Service(5%): Help our team happily support clients, retailers, and fans, by understanding project goals, participating in e-mails/meetings, laying out options, and preparing schedules.

  • An Integral Team Member: Be a crucial part of a busy, hard-working and energetic team. Help pitch in for anything and everything that helps the team. Work collaboratively with all our teammates and partners around the world.

  • Constant Improvements: Make everything you do, and we do, better!


  • Education: Degree or diploma in any of the following: industrial design, graphic design, marketing, architecture, project management, or a related business, engineering, scientific, or artistic discipline.

  • Detail-Driven Organizer: Great memory for details; Great at setting and managing priorities, task lists and schedules.

  • Expert Problem Solver: Able to find solutions to complex challenges, exhibit good judgment, and make the impossible happen.

  • Excellent Communicator: Excellent business writing and speaking skills in Spanish and English is a must!

  • Eye for Aesthetics and Fine Details: Able to tell when a crisp detail has softened, when a colour is close but not right, and when the fine details aren’t as refined as they need to be.

  • Software, Technology, and Graphics

  • Thrives on Responsibility: Excited to lead and be responsible for numerous projects and initiatives.

  • Comfortable in Fast-paced Environments: A quick worker who’s practiced at handling lots of to-dos and keeping track of lots of details without dropping balls.

If you are that someone with a partner mentality, ready for a challenge and always willing to go that extra mile! and If you decide to apply, let us know what other unique talents or know-how you’d bring to CD&I Associates.

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