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Model sitting on chair


How to demonstrate that Corian® has many uses and possibilities?

Our team embarked on a mission to uncover fresh perspectives on the utilization of DuPont's Corian material within the realm of furniture design. Our primary aim was to put its functionality, versatility, and design potential to the test. We set our sights on a specific demographic: couples between the ages of 30 and 35, hailing from the upper-middle to upper socio-economic segment, and in search of minimalist, simple, and neutral designs.

We firmly believe that sometimes, the essence of something significant can be conveyed without uttering a single word. It is an experience best encapsulated by the delightful sensation of rocking on an apartment terrace or by the tranquil shore. It was this sentiment that fueled our drive to create the S&S Chairs—rocking chairs designed to evoke the purest form of simplicity.

The Rocking chair made of Corian de Dupont expressed the simplicity and balance of the design by using simple cuts along the sheet’s maximum dimension, taking advantage of 95% of the material, leaving practically no remainder.

Our goal was to recreate monomeric furniture that not only embodied the elegance of minimalism but also showcased the material's innate properties. By adhering to streamlined production processes, we aimed to elevate the rocking chair to the status of an icon.

We sought to express the inherent simplicity of the Corian material through our designs, allowing its qualities to shine.

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