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How did cross-cultural collaboration shape a message for German youth's aspirations?

In 2002, a pioneering venture named "FEEL ING" we embarked on a journey, securing the 1st place at the FEELING Germany 2003 contest. This brainchild was nurtured by a formidable team. Led by Ing. Msc I. Lina Paola Angarita R, a representative and partner at CD&I ASSOCIATES in Germany, under the visionary directorship of Luis A. Angarita. The design concept was orchestrated by D.I Angélica Díaz.

Our esteemed client was none other than the IFW (Institute for Production Engineering and Machine Tools at the University of Hannover), a revered institution in Germany known for its technical prowess. At the helm of this project were the notable Emérito Profesor, Doctor Ingeniero.

The project set a compelling objective: to ignite the enthusiasm of high school students in Lower Saxony, Germany, particularly enticing them to delve into mechanical engineering. Thus, the brainchild "FEEL-ING" took shape, spanning a two-year initiative starting from 2003. It was a collaborative effort involving high school students, university students, professors and doctorates, all coming together to design a machine tool.

A pivotal facet of this initiative was a competition among various students and individuals associated with the University of Hannover, representing diverse disciplines. The laurels of victory were gracefully embraced by the Colombian Design Office, presenting this remarkable project.

The visual identity of "FEEL-ING" was strategically crafted to resonate with the German youth. Understanding their lack of motivation for a lengthy five-year university course due to equally rewarding technical prospects, the design language needed to be attractive and inspiring. The imagery depicted a large gear wheel with a surfer on a skateboard, a sport greatly admired by German students. In German culture, being a small gear implies insignificance, contrasting with the representation of a giant nut being surfed by an imaginative youth, symbolizing resilience and tackling challenges with creativity.

Cross-cultural teamwork ignited German youth's passion for mechanical engineering and individuality

A positive tone and language were meticulously chosen to resonate with the audience. The aim was to make each individual feel good and accepted, aligning with the aspirations of the German youth, who seek to recognize this as their own identity.

The experience of collaborating in a multicultural team was enlightening, emphasizing the importance of tailoring the message to the intended audience. The initial text, well-suited for the Latin audience, required a thoughtful translation and adaptation to suit the German expressions and sentiments. This delicate task was effectively carried out by our representative in Germany, ensuring a seamless communication of the intended message.

The winning proposal stood out for its simplicity, effective use of colors, space and memorability, leaving a lasting impression on the emeritus doctors, professors of the University of Hannover, and the high school students.

Translation and Explanation:

  • "Du bist kein kleines Rädchen" translates to "You are not a small wheel". In Germany, there's a saying, "we are all wheels that a third person sets in motion."

  • "Du hast deine eigene Meinung" translates to "You have your own opinion". The youth in Germany are uninterested in hearing repetitive advice from their parents or elders.

  • "Du bist kreativ und neugierig" translates to "You are creative and curious".

  • "Du kannst große Dinge bewegen" translates to "You can move big things".

  • "Nimm am ersten FEEL-ING Projekt in Deutschland teil" translates to "Participate in the first FEEL-ING project in Germany".

  • "Gewinn Geld und Sachmittel" translates to "Win money and materials".

  • "Erlebe die spannende Welt des Maschinenbaus" translates to "Experience the exciting world of mechanical engineering".

  • "Erfinde mit Unterstützung wichtiger Deutscher Firmen und der Universität Hannover eine Maschine!" translates to "Invent with the support of major German companies and the University of Hannover a machine!"

  • "Anmeldungen bis 04.11.2002" translates to "Registrations until 04.11.2002" Website:

The campaign was a true testament to cross-cultural collaboration, effectively bridging gaps and crafting a message that resonated with the target audience.

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