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How does this innovative waste management solution balance practicality and style for urban dwellers?

Introducing "GLOTÓN & TIBURÓN", where imagination meets innovation, a brainchild of Luis Angarita and the talented design duo Angélica Díaz. This endeavor was also supported by the ingenious designs of Diana Giraldo and Ricardo Bernal.

GLOTÓN, a name synonymous with voracious appetite, now takes on a new form as a "DOMESTIC MONSTER". With a swift tap on its head, GLOTÓN eagerly devours all sorts of papers, ready to keep your space tidy. When it's fully satiated, a gentle push on its sides allows the base to expand, letting out the papers it has consumed.

In this quirky realm of "DOMESTIC MONSTERS", prowling through kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and studies, we also meet TIBURÓN. As a trusty ally, TIBURÓN transforms into a garbage bag holder, clenching onto it with its teeth, all set to accept the waste when you press its belly. Once GLOTÓN is filled to the brim, it can be emptied from below, while TIBURÓN regurgitates the filled bag through its mouth.

Experience a world of imaginative waste management, where innovation, sustainability and style converge to redefine urban living

Our mission was clear: to create compact waste bins that align with the pace of modern living, reducing direct contact with refuse. Designed for the contemporary urban dweller aged between 24 and 40, these "DOMESTIC MONSTERS" embody a balance of practicality and eclectic style.

The concept and design contributions reflect the voracity of these "DOMESTIC MONSTERS", featuring an exoskeletal structure that regains its original shape due to memory material, allowing for efficient use. This project, a collaborative effort with Prodicauchos, showcases their expertise in latex materials, bringing to life our vision with innovation and sustainability at its core.

The production journey involved a meticulous process of immersion casting, utilizing high-quality artificial latex, ensuring the final products embody durability and functionality. Supported by cutting-edge hardware and software, including MicroStation version 5.0, the project came to life in the bustling city of Bogotá, with a grand presentation at the prestigious UNIVERSITY CLUB in New York.

GLOTÓN & TIBURÓN, more than mere waste bins, are playful companions in your home, ready to devour clutter and add a touch of whimsy to your daily routine. Join us on this adventure in sustainable living and design innovation

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