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Cubic chair


How to conceive public furniture that enhances and, at the same time contributes to the safety of the environment?

The project’s goal consisted of developing public furniture for the new Medellín libraries, commissioned by Architect Giancarlo Mazzanti. Our mandate included simple, casual furniture with interior lighting, resistant to the elements, and which would work in both interior spaces and exteriors as a combination bench and luminaire.

We engaged in creating an icon for the city, a luminaire, and a public stool simultaneously, without major formal pretensions, that does not compete with the environment but, on the contrary, helps to highlight it. Looking to recover space, it provides security with a pleasing appearance that invites you to use it.

gombox muchas_edited.jpg

During the day, the stool simulates the appearance of concrete. Still, it transforms into light at night to be permanently installed in the public space or becomes a piece of furniture that can be used on interior setups without being fixed to the floor.

A similar design was created to facilitate its installation and permanent assurance on the floor, as with its conventional stool use. As a lighting system, it recreates a space for social encounters with the minimum possible elements. 

The most surprising thing about this design is that it is also suitable for different scenarios, such as parks, squares and sidewalks, and enclosed and more intimate spaces.

Broken molding, in polystyrene with a UV filter, the chair responds to the demands of use, thanks to its material and convex surfaces, which make the element more rigid and allows users to sit on this “cube,” which, at night, illuminates the path for passers-by, who will want to take one of these objects home.

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