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How to restructure my local brand experience to
compete with the imminent entry of large multinationals?

Our objective was to elevate the G&B boutique as the premier choice for women's fashion in the country. We embarked on a mission to identify markets, attract customers, redesign the shopping experience and redefine brands, labels, and spaces through integral innovation. Drawing inspiration from Nicaragua's culture, we created an Ibiza's attic concept, incorporating the colors, fauna, flora, and traditions with a vintage touch and a Miami style that resonated with the aspirational profile of the G&B clientele.

To bring our vision to life, we blended the country's local traditions and iconography, utilizing the flagship flora, animals, graphics and objects to create captivating makeup areas, dressing rooms, murals, hooks and decorations. We carefully crafted furniture elements with a fusion of classic and contemporary styles, incorporating silhouettes and vintage textures and complemented them with decorative accessories inspired by traditional Nicaraguan crafts.

For inspiration, we drew on the local traditions and iconography of Nicaragua, we also brought on its flora, fauna and visual and material culture

Every aspect of the space, from layout and function to flow and atmosphere, was meticulously analyzed using Bryology concepts. Employing our expertise in visual merchandising, we divided the store into new categories and designed every detail, from labels and garment placement to hooks and lighting, in order to maximize the commercial impact. Additionally, we provided guidance on staff uniforms and advised fashion consultants on product presentation and sales techniques.

To amplify our efforts, we orchestrated a launch event and developed a comprehensive commercial strategy to generate significant media impact. The inclusion of a "wall of fame" adorned with images and dedications from celebrities and former pageant contestants further strengthened and repositioned the company's image. As a result, we successfully doubled our client's sales, establishing the G&B Boutique as a benchmark for fashion and design in the country.

Clothing store in Nicaragua
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