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Make up store


How to create a new beauty experience that promotes our two leading brands?

Integrating two distinct brands into a single concept can be a challenging endeavor. One of these brands is Milani®, drawing inspiration from Milan culture, including streets, fashion, art, and history. The New Milani Group, Inc. specializes in cosmetics and beauty care products, offering a comprehensive range for eyes, face, lips, and nails. On the other hand, Jordana® has been promoting affordable high-quality makeup for over 25 years, encouraging individuals to create their own unique looks.

Both Milani® and Jordana® share common features such as advanced formulas, a wide range of colors and a commitment to offering vegan products made in the USA. They distribute their products through retailers in the United States and Central America, without maintaining physical stores. Variedades Ivette, a Central American distributor, embarked on a project to position these California brands and establish a unique and meaningful connection with their customers.

We designed from the store to the customer experience, from branding, shelving, product placement uniforms and social networking to packaging

The project was complex, requiring the introduction of a new brand in a new region. It involved developing a concept and creating the first store of its kind. The challenge lay in ensuring that the two brands coexisted harmoniously and created a meaningful experience for customers.

Through thorough research into customer habits and brand analysis, the decision was made to create a new leading brand. Inspired by successful companies in the market, this brand aimed to directly compete for market share. The vision was to design a new space where women could not only purchase products but also enjoy makeup sessions, participate in activities and take advantage of promotions. Expert advisors and staff would be dedicated to indulging customers, providing an enhanced and intimate journey.

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