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Brand identity of Ixel Moda


How was the initiative to unite Caribbean and Central American countries through fashion and culture strategically developed?

In 2007, CD&I Associates undertook an ambitious venture in collaboration with a visionary entrepreneur, to craft and strategically develop the IXEL Moda event. This groundbreaking initiative aimed to unite the countries of the Caribbean and Central America through a celebration of fashion, culture and economy.

The inception of this project was deeply rooted in the legend of IXEL, serving as the foundational narrative that drove the application of the brand, the design of the experience, and the communication strategy for the event. This ensured a cohesive and meaningful representation of the legend throughout the event.

The comprehensive development of this project encompassed several key elements:

  • Detailed CAD analysis and blueprint of the Cartagena convention center to tailor the event to the venue.

  • Formulation of an identity manual, providing clear guidelines for brand application.

  • Crafting the foundational legend to shape the event's brand and theme.

  • Creation of a corporate image and a comprehensive manual detailing its usage.

The visionary collaboration crafted a groundbreaking event uniting nations through fashion, culture and economic celebration

  • Crafting an experience manual, incorporating character design, rendered representations of adorned event spaces, and a structured outline of the event's four phases: Attraction, Engagement, Conclusion, and Extension.

  • Development of a communication manual, delineating radio guidelines, television commercials, photography approach, attire, documentation, stationery, merchandise, website, vehicle branding, and brand applications.

Under the visionary guidance of Luis Angarita, and with the creative expertise of designers Paola Mejía and Cristián Díaz, supported Mónica Mantilla, Luis Aguirre, and Hermes Pérez, the IXEL Moda event was meticulously shaped and brought to life.

The IXEL Moda event stands as a testament to the innovative and strategic design capabilities of CD&I Associates, a project that not only celebrated fashion and culture but also pioneered a new dimension of cultural exchange and collaboration among nations within the Caribbean and Central American region.

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