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Latinarte festival


How to turn a social project into the most renowned Latin arts festival in Montreal?

The Latin Arte Foundation in Canada faced significant challenges in promoting Latin art and culture due to a lack of consistent identity and poorly defined marketing strategies. As a result, the foundation had minimal impact on the local community in Montreal and Quebec. Recognizing the need for innovation and recognition in the market, CD&I Associates took charge of brand strategy and visual identity for the non-profit organization since 2009.

CD&I Associates played a crucial role in designing various communication materials, media and events campaigns, advertising campaigns against racism, collective exhibitions, fundraising presentations, festival openings, concert promotions, and more for the Latin Arte Foundation. Their multidisciplinary approach involved talent from different parts of the world and a partnership with a renowned Latin branding agency in the USA.

We created a kit to manage the brand & communications that included its website and standards for visual media production, positioning strategies and a new business model

In a collaborative project, CD&I Associates aimed to create a new brand identity for the Latin Arte Foundation. Their objective was to develop a simple, symbolic and unified concept that would not compete with the work of the foundation's artists. The resulting brand identity successfully synthesized the idea of Latinity and incorporated the rich local iconography of Quebec, effectively transmitting the foundation's values.

Presently, CD&I Associates continues to work closely with the Latin Arte Foundation. Their shared goal is to elevate the foundation's recognition to the level of prestigious events like the Montreal Jazz Festival. They are committed to promoting the multiculturalism and richness of Montreal's Latino community, ensuring that Latin Arte becomes a prominent and celebrated cultural entity in the region.

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