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Bookstore literato


How to build a memorable and unique experience inside my bookstores?

In an effort to revitalize the bookstore and attract more customers, the focus was placed on modernizing its identity within the limited space available. Market analysis revealed that young people were the primary visitors to the mall, leading to a strategy centered around capturing their attention with a vibrant atmosphere, incorporating challenges, icons, new technologies and services.

The objective evolved into creating a modular bookstore that conveyed a sense of uniqueness to customers. This was achieved through the implementation of visual points, such as giant photographs of renowned authors and the inclusion of sliding stairs that provided access to a floor-to-ceiling collection of books, resembling cocoons. Additionally, private spaces were introduced to offer individuals a secluded environment.

Today, this store is known in the local market for its iconic style, where buyers can stay and get lost in a simple labyrinth where the center remains the user.

To cater to a younger audience, a children's area was incorporated, designed to scale, along with a lamp of poems and a designated space for new technologies. A reconfigurable modular system was also proposed, featuring price holders and LED lights. The result of these efforts was a significant increase in foot traffic, with a 45% rise compared to previous levels.

Presently, the bookstore has established itself as a local market standout due to its iconic style. Visitors can immerse themselves in a simple labyrinth, where the user remains at the center of the experience. The store's transformation has successfully attracted customers and created a distinct reputation in a competitive and demanding market.

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