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How will the personal device of the future look?

MINI.ME is a character created by its owner, configured as they please, and for this reason, each one will never be the same as another. It consists of a skeleton to which components are added individually acquired, determining its character, style, accent, etc. Upon completing its configuration, it is molded with a mass that hardens after 5 hours, allowing its owner to create amorphous or figurative characters. Different silhouettes are sold so that each customer can choose the type of doll they want: slim, athletic, chubby, etc. And also choose it in their preferred color. MINI.ME is a toy for adults, for all those who always wanted a different toy.

In MINI.ME, there is an unchangeable surprise factor, and that component is personality, so each consumer must take the time to get to know their doll and learn to manage its personality. The rest of the components will be acquired by its owner to generate combinations of feelings, personality, functions, phrases, moods, etc. According to their combinations, they will create surprising variations of personality.


We conceived a device where 80% was created online, while the end-user can discover the remaining 20% of its personality.

Each MINI.ME is a personal assistant, to which functions are added like a screaming alarm clock, guardian of belongings, joke teller, guide chef, personal trainer, reminder of appointments, and its artificial intelligence is even capable of copying its owner's quirks or gestures. In other words, you might misplace your phone, but not your MINI.ME!!

Moreover, it's environmentally friendly! It doesn't require electricity to charge; when it loses its color, it indicates the need to recharge, and for this, all you have to do is take it out to sunbathe to regain strength and its natural skin tone.

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