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How does the design of this kitchen drainer cater to the needs of modern city dwellers living in compact spaces?

"NECTURO" a unique dish drainer inspired by the prehistoric dinosaur-like amphibian, Necturo. As part of the "DOMESTIC MONSTERS" collection, this playful creature aids in drying dishes, cups, cutlery and kitchen utensils effectively, embracing a blend of creativity and practicality.

It holds and air-dries complete tableware for four, maximizing habitat space and guiding water to the sink through its flexible tail.

It's a groundbreaking kitchen drainer designed to fit urban lifestyles with style and efficiency

Design an innovative kitchen drainer to air-dry dishes, cups, cutlery and kitchen utensils efficiently, catering to modern city dwellers between the ages of 24 to 40, living in compact living spaces, and embracing an eclectic yet practical sense of home decor.


This "DOMESTIC MONSTER" stays close to where it's needed, embodying a homely character that seeks to inspire positive feelings. With a unique persona and a sense of practicality, "NECTURO" wishes to be cherished even after its lifespan, offering an enjoyable and engaging dishwashing experience.

Crafted with national talent and Colombian technology, "NECTURO" aligns with modern kitchen trends in compact living spaces. It leverages the material's properties, such as flexibility, color and translucence. The design adheres to international material usage policies, using non-toxic semi-flexible resin.

It's market launch date was on December 11, 2000, Bogotá, at the CENTRO DE DISEÑO PORTOBELLO and the Project Presentation was on November 2, 2000, New York, at the UNIVERSITY CLUB.

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