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Green lamp


How to create a new material to play with light?

Polyphemus, the cyclops and son of Neptune, imprisoned Ulysses and his companions until Ulysses cleverly blinded the creature and escaped. This encounter served as inspiration for Polyphemus, the first product in the Domestic Monsters collection. Created in Italy by Luis Angarita during a design seminar, this lamp embodies the concept of using new materials to innovate products.

Inspired by a visit to the sacred mantle in Turin, Clino Castelli aimed to sensitize designers to the possibilities of new materials. The result was Polyphemus, a favorite of its designer and receiving multiple awards.

POLIFEMO is a new environmental lighting system made of a semi-rigid material (translucent or opaque) that changes colour (on or off), fireproof, non-toxic, and ornamental, which can be applied directly to a wall, roof, or surface.

POLIFEMO can be purchased in supermarkets, sealed in plastic bags with frozen polymer components. Opening the packaging triggers a reaction, allowing users to configure the lamp in different forms and direct its points of light, called "EYES" towards desired targets.

Polyphemus's success does not rely on its aesthetics but on the design of new materials and its place within a trend of "PROSUMER OBJECTS". These products, developed for high fidelity household use, represent a shift in design that caters to the evolving needs of modern households.

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