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How does this innovative design enhance kitchen safety and organization?

"PORTA CUCHILLOS", a creature born from the inventive minds of Luis Angarita and the talented duo Angélica Díaz. With the creative support of Marcela Díaz, Ricardo Bernal, and Ing. Alfonso Lozano, this culinary "DOMESTIC MONSTER" took shape.

This kitchen monster thrives on self-sacrifice for the safety of its owners, even when faced with the coldness of steel and the sharpness of knives. The PORTA CUCHILLOS is a multi-armed beast that roams the walls, countertops and shelves, carrying knives, cutlery and anything with a handle in the kitchen.

Our aim was clear: design a utensil holder that not only organizes but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents—protecting users from cuts or bruises. Additionally, we wanted to extend the lifespan of kitchen tools by preventing damages such as blunted edges.

Designed for the contemporary urban dwellers aged between 24 and 40, the CUBIERTERO PORTA CUCHILLOS embodies practicality with a touch of eclectic personality, a blend of form and function that complements modern living.

The concept hinges on a simple principle: the holder should be more substantial than what it holds. Embracing the slender grips of kitchen utensils, this "DOMESTIC MONSTER" is strategically crafted to optimize kitchen space, providing multiple hanging options.

Experience kitchen innovation that combines practicality, aesthetics and safety

The design celebrates efficiency, utilizing a single material and a streamlined industrial process, effectively reducing production costs and timelines. Crafted from durable stainless steel, the PORTA CUCHILLOS ensures longevity and aesthetic appeal.

The production process involved precision laser cutting, seamlessly shaping the stainless steel into the desired form, this project came to life in the vibrant city of Bogotá, with a grand presentation at the renowned UNIVERSITY CLUB in New York.

Step into the world of culinary creativity with the CUBIERTERO PORTA CUCHILLOS. More than a utensil holder, it's a functional masterpiece, a "DOMESTIC MONSTER" guarding your kitchen tools while adding a dash of design brilliance to your culinary haven. Join us on this journey where innovation meets practicality, enhancing your kitchen experience one sharp edge at a time.

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