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Regina pizzeria


How did an Italian chef's journey influence the culinary landscape in Canada?

In the streets of Milazzo, Sicily, a boy named Pasqualino, affectionately known as Lino, grew up cultivating a unique gift: the ability to create extraordinary, refined and magical dishes from simple ingredients. Lino, an authentic Italian chef, embodies humility and warmth, deeply rooted in his origins. Though expressing himself in French or English may pose a challenge, his Italian flows as smoothly as the pizzas he crafts.


Starting humbly in some of Sicily's finest pizzerias, Lino's culinary journey led him to fall in love and become a recognized "pizzaiolo" in the region. In 2012, a prestigious Italian restaurant in Montreal sought his talents, prompting his move to Canada.


In this new land, Lino dedicated himself to elevating one of Brossard's most esteemed restaurants, crafting 40 to over 300 pizzas daily, always staying true to authentic and exclusive recipes. Soon, he played a pivotal role in making the establishment one of the region's most popular spots.


Driven by a desire to exceed their customer's expectations, lino contacte us  to skillfully crafted the brand identity, ambiance and communication materials for his new restaurant in Canada, presenting an unforgettable Italian dining experience in the heart of Brossard, Quebec.

We  christened their restaurant "Regina", signifying their commitment to satisfying their patrons with dishes fit for royalty.

Regina symbolizes future challenges and how an honest, warm, humble, yet proud queen appreciates and values every moment spent with her guests.


All aspects of Regina Pizzeria's design, branding and communication materials were meticulously crafted and developed by CD&I Associates, a creative and innovative design firm. CD&I Associates played a central role in bringing the vision of Regina Pizzeria to life, ensuring that every detail embodied the essence of Italian gastronomy and the unique story of Lino, the master pizzaiolo.

An Italian's voyage from humble beginnings to culinary greatness in Canada, crafting an authentic Italian dining experience

The branding process involved conceptualizing and creating the brand identity of Regina Pizzeria. CD&I Associates carefully crafted a visual representation that encapsulated the restaurant's spirit and values. The iconic crown, the Trinacria, precious stones, pearls and the Fleur de Lis of the Bourbon house were all carefully chosen elements that symbolize the essence of Regina.


This included developing a brand logo and selecting a color palette that resonates with the traditions and flavors of Italy, evoking a sense of authenticity and sophistication. The branding strategy aimed to communicate Regina's dedication to providing an exceptional culinary experience that transcends expectations, epitomizing the perfection of a true queen.

Furthermore, the firm was responsible for designing the interior and exterior spaces of the restaurant, ensuring that the ambiance reflected the authenticity of Sicilian cuisine and Italian culture. The design team drew inspiration from Sicilian and colonial Spanish architecture, creating a contemporary and immersive dining experience for patrons.


In addition, CD&I Associates designed all communication materials, from print to digital media, ensuring a cohesive and captivating visual language across various platforms. This encompassed designing and producing menus, promotional materials, advertisements and online content that conveyed the unique flavors and story of Regina Pizzeria.

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